One Day Navigation course including GPS

Skill level
Easy - Some experience recommended but not necessary
Grade 1

Are you looking to refresh those old navigation skills? Think you've forgotten more than you remember and need a wee hand getting back into the swing of it? A great, beginner to intermediate navigation day. Perhaps you can't make time for one of our Nationally Accredited two day courses or are looking to refresh those skills you already have from the Scouts, Guides, Cadets or other body. Then this single day course is just what you need.

Hosted by an accredited trainer to ensure you receive great coaching and all the skills you need, this is a fun day spent on the hill going through all the basics which will include

  • Setting or orientating the map
  • Planning a route
  • Handrailing linear features
  • Contour appreciation
  • Taking and applying a bearing
  • Using appropriate strategies
  • Relocation techniques
  • Use of a GPS device
  • and more...

This will be an outdoor, practical day, there is no planned classroom work involved, please dress and equip yourself for a day on the hill and bring any food and drink you may need. See the What you will need link above for more information, or contact me in advance if unsure.

Please bring a suitable compass of a type similar to a Silva type 4 marked with degrees. I will provide relevant maps. We will look at GPS devices as an additional tool available for navigating, if you have your own, bring it along.

Meet at 10am in the car park beside the Falkland Library, Back Wynd, Falkland, Fife KY15 7BX. We will be out on the hill for approximately seven hours.

7 hours
8 km
Group size
Start time
Start location
Car park beside the Falkland Library, Back Wynd, Falkland, Fife KY15 7BX